Ingham & The Hinchinbrook Shire

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Halifax is 20km east of Ingham – North Queensland Australia.

Street Directory for Halifax is on page 24 of the Hinchinbrook Informer

Ingham is 110 kms north of Townsville and 240 kms south of Cairns along the Bruce Highway and is the commercial centre of the Hinchinbrook Shire.

Click here for Map of Ingham and the Hinchinbrook Shire

About Halifax:
Halifax is a quiet village on the way to Lucinda and is a township with a large amount of historical value.  In the early 1930s, Halifax – along with the port of Lucinda Point – constituted the main ‘stepping off’ place for all boating and fishing trips to the Hinchinbrook Channel, Palm Islands and the Great Barrier Reef.  It was considered the Hinchinbrook region’s industrial centre, providing a link with the outside through its direct rail link with the port of Lucinda.  However, as the district grew and communications improved, Ingham became the main town, and Halifax’s progress slowed.  Today, it is a place to enjoy quiet country living with many of the services of a larger town.

Halifax still has a number of beautiful old hotels and buildings which were constructed when the township was first established.  The Halifax Hotel and Commercial Hotel are two of these buildings and to this day, continue to provide meals and accommodation for visitors to the area.  Centred around the leafy, mango tree lined main street, Halifax meshes the history of the Hinchinbrook Shire with modern amenities. Halifax is also home to the Herbert River Museum – a treasure chest of historical artifacts and displays which depict the Valley’s intriguing history.

In the Main Street of Halifax (Macrossan Street):

● Spar Supermarket (also the Post Office)

● Hinchinbrook Community Pharmacy

● Halifax Newsagency

● Halifax Meats

● BP Halifax (Service Station)

● Halifax Hotel
Ph: 07) 47777436

● Halifax Home Brew/Tackle/Bicycle Shop

● Herbert River Museum

● Ambulance

● Halifax Library

Other places in Halifax:

● St Peters Catholic Church
Scott Street Halifax 4850

● Uniting Church
Anderssen Street Halifax 4850

● Police
4 Musgrave Street Halifax

● Halifax Fire Station
5 Rosendale Street Halifax 4850

● St Peter Catholic Primary School
Ph: 07) 47777431
15-17 Anderssen Street Halifax 4850

● Halifax State Primary School
Ph: 07) 47777132
17 Victoria Terrace Halifax 4850

● Mona Landing Boat Ramp – Halifax
Single lane gravel ramp
Small gravel carpark

Herbert River Museum:
Herbert River Museum is located in Halifax and is a treasure chest of historical artifacts. It is the ideal place to learn about the history of the shire and the way things used to be. The museum is situated in Macrossan Street opposite the BP service station in Halifax. Cost of entry is by donation.

Halifax Main Street

Halifax Main Street

Herbert River Museum and Gallery