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We moved to Ingham from Longreach with our young family in 1994. Ross was working with the Department of Natural Resources at the time and was offered a transfer to either Ingham or Mackay. We chose Ingham and haven’t regretted it for a moment. We cite the friendliness and relaxed atmosphere of Hinchinbrook as the main reason for our original decision. These reasons and the beauty of the local area have kept us here and will more than likely see us retire in the region.
Ross & Rae Domin
There’s something special about Ingham. You are captivated by fields and fields of sugar cane and blue sky that surround you as you drive into this special town. During the day theres lots of things to enjoy… do like the locals do and jump in a boat for some great fishing or enjoy a leisurely cruise to Orpheus or Hinchinbrook Islands and with the Great Berrier Reed only an hour away by boat, gives you the perfect chance to see one of Australia’s most beautiful natural wonders, and take part in the fun of catching some spectacular and unique fish… it’s an awesome feeling!

If you’re into natural wonders, located in Ingham’s back yard is Australia’s largest single drop permanent waterfall, Wallaman Falls… it’s massive and you’ll get some great shots for Facebook!

Relax on the beach at Lucinda… this beach is a hidden gem overlooking Hinchinbrook and Orpheus Islands and is so uninterrupted and peaceful, it literally feelings like your own private beach.

One thing is for sure, you’ll be Luvin’ It in Ingham!

Cheryl Slender
Chris and I moved to Ingham as a couple in July 2011. After growing up in Ingham and moving to Rainbow Beach for a few years I decided it was time to move back to Ingham and hopefully start to raise a family. The main attractions of the area for me is the relaxed lifestyle, safety and security and the abundance of camping and fishing opportunities in the region. Chris is from the UK and we met while he was on holiday in Rainbow Beach. Hinchinbrook attractions for Chris are better work opportunities, fishing and more fishing.
Samantha Domin & Chris Long