We are an organisation that is committed to growth and prosperity for our community. Our success depends on our members and their contribution to our organisation. All members present and new are an important and integral part of our team of valuable businesses and representative bodies, that make up the commercial, industrial, farming, milling, tourism and government sectors, as well as community groups and education providers of our community. We are a valuable source of information from Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland, Government, Townsville Enterprise, other organisations and many more, so that members can keep up with what’s happening in our district and beyond.

Mission Statement

The Hinchinbrook Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism Inc. aspires to be the communities’ finest public leader within its market place. Dedicated to serving the business sector, with accessible information to changes or developments happening around us.



Patrick Lynch

Peter Reitano
Vice President

Rachael Kurz

Catherine Hunt

Karalee Venturato
Admin Officer