Shop the Hinchinbrook Way – Retail Promotion

Dear Hinchinbrook Business Owners/Managers

Chamber has decided if there is enough interest to run a  “Shop the Hinchinbrook Way – Retail Promotion”. It is similar to the proposal that was talked about last year (without the free coffee aspect) and to the Easter promotion conducted by the Chamber a few years ago.

The purpose of this email is to provide common information, to all businesses who either expressed an interest in participating last year or who potentially may be interested in being part of the promotion, on how the system will operate and to seek confirmation of “yes” or “no” in regards to participation.

In summary the following is how the system will operate:-

    1. The aim is to launch the promotion in June 2017 .Promotion will run for a 6 month trial period.
    2. Each participating retail business” will receive an allocation of business cards from each of the participating “retail businesses”;
    3. Each participating retail business” will endeavour to issue around 40 business cards per week to “reward” shoppers who spend a minimal nominated amount in their shop; each business will need to work out what that amount is for them in order to give out around 40 cards a week.
    4. When customers present one of your cards to you – you give them the card discount/deal offer” that you have placed on that card.
    5. Each participating business will need to decide on what their offer will be.
    6. A process has been established to allow any business to opt out of the promotion at any time during the trial period; see attachment
    7. The promotion will have standard conditions on each card printed on one side of the card and each business will be able to add any conditions pertinent to them.
    8. A simple record keeping process has also been developed to record use of the system and provide total data on how many locals and visitors use their cards and what value of spend it generated. We would like to get a monthly report. Ultimately it is up to each business to assess how beneficial the promotion is for them in increasing sales and subsequent profit, however knowing the “use” of the system will be of interest to the Chamber. Any data collected will be kept confidential and won’t have your business name recorded next to amounts. We will just keep total amounts.
    9. Each business will receive a “poster” for display in their shop window advising that they are a participating business and also a poster on which they will note their minimum spend for a customer to qualify for a “lucky dip” into their bowl of business cards.
  • Herbert River Express has given us a very generous offer so Cost to participate $110.00 per business, If we get 50 participants or more or may be a bit more costly if less than 50 participants. Each business will receive;
  • 1000 cards printed with your business logo or Business Name and special on one side and Shop the Hinchinbrook Way on the other.
  • There will be a double page launch of the promotion in the Herbert River Express explaining how it works and each participating business will have a 5cm x 5cm ad with that.
  • Also in May, June and September an ad will be placed in the Hinchinbrook Eye package – Herbert River Express and Townsville Eye in Townsville Bulletin to promote this Promotion

Those businesses participating in the promotion will need to do the following:-

  1. Fill in the Participation Form, sign it and return as soon as possible but no later than Friday 28 April 2017 email to:

Or Chamber Office 32 Herbert Street Ingham (inside Australian Italian Festival office)

Tues 8.30am – 5.00pm and Wed 8.30am – 3.00pm   – Any Questions   4776 0090   Mobile     0419 772 964

  1. I will send you an invoice.
  2. Decide on what your discount or deal offer is for your particular retail business and any conditions pertinent to your offer. Please note the promotion “use by date” on the cards
  3. will be for the total 6 months plus a month or so extra after the promotion trial date end to give people a chance to redeem them. So must be redeemed by 31 January 2018.
  4. Your offer details will need to be sent to the Herbert River Express by a date to be decided. I will let you know what email address to send that to.

The actual rate of redemption will of course depend on the attractiveness of your “offer”.

5. The Chamber will be responsible for collating all of the business cards once they are printed and distributing a large portion of the card allocation to participating businesses prior to the launch which should last a couple of months. Those businesses out of town may need to pick them up.

6. The balance of your printed cards will be held by the Chamber for business houses to replenish card stocks as they are depleted.

7.When businesses need to replenishment their card stocks they will need to collect them from the Chamber Office.

Participation Form

Terms & Conditions

Opting out of promotion

Purpose and performance indicators

Individual customer evaluation

Meeting – Retailers and Real Estate – Cash Mob and Decorate Empty Shops

When: Wednesday 15 February 2017
Time:  5.15 pm
Where: Hinchinbrook Community Support Centre – Community Room – Townsville Road Ingham
For more details click on the link below

Retailers meeting

Cash Mob

Registering your Business for Hinchinbrook Cash Mob

The Hinchinbrook Chamber of Commerce, Tourism and Industry would like to take this opportunity to invite you to register your interest in being a participating business in our upcoming “Hinchinbrook Cash Mob” events.

The aim of these monthly events will be:

  • to promote the ideals of ‘shopping locally’ and ‘supporting small business’;
  • to promote small retail stores, their product range and their services, particularly where the store is not already frequented by an overwhelming majority of the community;
  • to encourage and cultivate hype, anticipation and exclusivity around the “Cash Mob” events that generates repeat business from new customers, referrals, unique marketing and increasingly successful events;
  • to attract ‘day-trippers’ and out-of-town shoppers to the area to shop, dine, explore and even stay in the Hinchinbrook region;
  • to showcase our unique boutique shopping and eating experiences;
  • to stimulate the local economy and encourage a vibrant CBD;
  • to provide an opportunity for businesses to actively “up-sell”, “cross-sell” and market to these new customers whilst having the opportunity to increase their social media presence; and
  • to create a positive and proud community spirit with added social opportunities for community members.

So, what is a “Cash Mob”?

The “Cash Mob” initiative began in a small town in America and quickly spread across the world. The small dairy-farming community of Colac in Victoria featured on Channel 7’s Sunrise as the first Australian town to employ this strategy (you can find this segment online) and it is now spreading across Australia.  In essence, a “Cash Mob” is like a “Flash Mob”, except instead of dancing the large group spends money shopping together.

The concept is simple: an organiser selects one retail store and one café/coffee shop/restaurant per month.  Only the owners of the selected businesses know that they have been selected – it must remain a secret!  Once a month, on a date that has been appropriately advertised and promoted, the organiser aims to attract between 50 – 100 shoppers, all of whom have agreed to spend at least $20.00 at a retail store, to a central meeting place (e.g. community park) where the shoppers find out where they will be shopping and potentially dining out that day. NOTE: The visit to the café/coffee shop/restaurant is not compulsory and there is no minimum spend required.  From this meeting point, the group walks to the selected store and “mobs” them.  Shop owners are looking at potentially upwards of $1000.00 in one hour, not to mention reaching shoppers who might not have previously conducted business there.  Finally, the members of the group who choose to partake will travel to the selected café/coffee shop/restaurant for a social drink or meal.

How the Hinchinbrook Chamber of Commerce will manage the event:

After seeking registrations from interested business houses, once a month a representative of Chamber will select at random one retail store to be “mobbed”. For logistical reasons (the customers will be walking as a large group, and from time to time the group may need to be split in half), the café/coffee shop/restaurant nearest to the selected retail store will be chosen as the optional, follow-up venue for the shoppers to relax and socialize (provided the nearest eatery has registered and has not been mobbed already).  Only the selected business houses will be notified of their selection and they are to keep this information confidential.  The success of the Cash Mob depends on secrecy!

Events will be advertised on various Facebook pages including a dedicated event page, and potentially the Hinchinbrook Chamber of Commerce and Hinchinbrook Way websites.

Retail stores will be expected to have an appropriate range of $20.00 items for the shoppers to select from and will have to consider staff for the event. Events will be held across a variety of days and times, including weekday mornings, afternoons, after-hours/evenings, and Saturday mornings.

Once a retail store has been selected, it is removed from the pool and cannot be mobbed again.


Into the future…

Following a trial period, if the event proves to be successful, we will explore the options of Cash Mobs in our surrounding towns (Halifax, Forrest Beach etc) if affordable and suitable transportation can be arranged. We will also explore the option of including home-based businesses who are willing to rent a temporary space/open a pop-up store in the CBD to coincide with an event.

What you need to do:

If you are a retail store with a suitable selection of $20.00 items, or a café/coffee shop/restaurant interested in hosting the shoppers after a Cash Mob event, please fill in the attached registration form and return to the Chamber of Commerce  Forms can be scanned and emailed to

, or mailed to the Chamber at P O Box 55 Ingham Qld 4850 or delivered in person to our office at 32 Herbert Street, Ingham (inside the Australian Italian Festival Office), Office hours are Tuesday 8.30am – 5.00pm and Wednesday 8.30am – 3.00pm each week.  Also, if you are on Facebook, please search for the Hinchinbrook Cash Mob – be sure to LIKE and SHARE this page!   If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Chamber Secretary Rachael Coco on 0414 698 610.

If you choose….

Considering the efforts and marketing directed towards a successful first event, we would like to make an optional opportunity available to our business houses for your own advertising purposes.  It is our intention to create ‘Goody Bags’ for the shoppers who participate in the first event, and we are aiming to produce at least 100 of these.  If your business has any materials suitable for these bags – pens, magnets, hats, brochures, business cards, Coupons/Discount Vouchers or other promotional items, please contact Rachael Coco on 0414 698 610 to have these collected and included.  If you know of businesses outside of the CBD, from any industry, who might wish to be included please feel free to extend the invitation to them.  This is a community project and we want to include as many businesses as possible – the more the merrier!  We believe in Business Supporting Business.  Any bags not distributed during the first event would be saved for use during future Cash Mobs.

So that’s everything! If being part of the Hinchinbrook Cash Mob appeals to you, please fill in and return your registration form as soon as possible and consider any promotional materials you may want distributed during the first event.  We look forward to your involvement and hope to deliver positive outcomes with the Cash Mob initiative in the very near future.

Click on the link below for the Registration Form




Registering to take part as a shopper


Welcome to the Hinchinbrook Cash Mob, a monthly event where shoppers who are passionate about SHOPPING LOCALLY and SUPPORTING SMALL BUSINESS meet up in mass numbers to MOB one of our local boutique retail stores.  Each shopper is prepared to spend $20.00 in a retail store, and each month a brand new business house is chosen at random and kept completely confidential until the big day.  We meet at a designated place for the announcement, and then walk together to the lucky store to make our mark.  Afterwards, should the shoppers choose to stay and mingle, we attend a local cafe, coffee shop or eatery for a social chat over coffees (and possibly cake!).  One lucky shopper each month will win a free gift as our way of thanking you for Shopping the Hinchinbrook Way.

Next Hinchinbrook Cash Mob – Christmas ah Mob –  Thursday 1 December 2016 at 5.30 pm
Meet – Arcade in Canegrowers building (between Post Office and Bendigo Bank).

President Mary Brown and Samantha Long

Kerri Vanscherpenseel and Mary Brown

Mary Brown and Amanda Griffiths

Mary Brown and Michael Beatts

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