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Pub with no Beer

Lees Hotel – 58 Lannercost Street Ingham, North Queensland, Australia (formerly the Day Dawn Hotel)

Ingham is 110 kms north of Townsville and 240 kms south of Cairns along the Bruce Highway and is the commercial centre of the Hinchinbrook Shire.

About the Pub With No Beer:
Lees Hotel (formerly the Day Dawn Hotel) is the original “Pub With No Beer ” made famous by Australia’s favourite son and multi-award-winning Country and Western singer Slim Dusty in 1957, with Australians very first worldwide number one hit song, “The Pub With No Beer”.

The hit song was based on the poem by local Ingham poet Dan Sheahan who rode into the Pub one morning in 1943 to have a nice cold beer and discovered that a convoy of American serviceman had come through the previous day and drunk the Pub dry!

In disgust Dan retired to a corner and wrote the poem, which was later passed across to Slim Dusty’s songwriter at a pub in New South Wales.

● 70th Anniversary
Ingham celebrated the 70th Anniversary of this event with a re-enactment on 20 April 2013 with Tiger Moths flying above, a convoy of American Serviceman, members of the Sheahan family riding into town on horses to the hotel and the re-enactment of Dan Sheahan walking into the Pub to ask for a beer. This was followed by live country and western music.

● Lees Hotel Now
Lees Hotel still serves ice cold beer and hasn’t run out since that fateful day in1943.

● Lees Hotel is a Heritage Listed Iconic Hotel
In recognition of the historic event, in 2005 Lees Hotel became the only Heritage Listed Iconic Hotel in Queensland.

● Art Work Collection at Lees Hotel
Also throughout the Hotel is a collection of canvas artworks that captures the natural beauty and lifestyle of the surrounding Ingham and Hinchinbrook area.

● Learn to pour a beer at the Pub with No Beer

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Lee’s Hotel

Re Enactment 2013
Photo: Christian Smith

Re Enactment 2013
Photo: Christian Smith