Hinchinbrook Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism
Hinchinbrook Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism
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Investing in the Hinchinbrook Region

Sugarcane is the backbone of the Hinchinbrook Shire. With fertile soils and consistent rainfall, it has supported the district’s agricultural production for over a century.

Regional Snapshot (PDF)

There are several local and regional projects on the horizon that will provide employment and investment opportunities to the community. Examples include Kidston Mine – GENEX, Powerlink, Sconi, Australia-Singapore Military Training Initiative (ASMTI), the Paluma to Wallaman Falls Trail and local Industrial Hemp Trials.

While sugarcane is the dominant industry, other smaller parcels of agricultural production contribute to the shire’s economy. In recent years, these boutique farming operations have begun to receive recognition and acclaim, inspiring further investments into this sector. A push for agricultural diversification and crop rotation will continue to build local economic resilience.

Agriculture provides a diverse range of employment opportunities in the Hinchinbrook Shire, created during production, harvesting, milling and transportation of sugarcane and other farming products. Additionally, the industry requires support services such as scientific research, financial, legal, maintenance, IT, aviation and manufacturing, delivering abundant opportunities for local businesses. Entrepreneurs have responded to industry needs and challenges with innovative solutions that continue to set benchmarks for best practices in agriculture, with several local businesses identified as leaders in the marketplace.

Tourism is an emerging industry, capitalising on pristine attractions and experiences that appeal to lovers of nature, culture and adventure. Investment into necessary infrastructure, marketing, product and skills development has seen an increase in visitation that is injecting significant money into the local economy.

Environmentally significant and breathtakingly beautiful locations, rare and endangered wildlife and marine life, unique adventures, world class fishing and meaningful cultural experiences are attracting visitors to the district. Welcoming locals, mild winters, an idyllic lifestyle, gourmet food and boutique retailers are securing repeat visitation and valuable word-of-mouth referrals that will see visitation continue to increase into the future.

The Hinchinbrook Shire is well positioned to deliver niche eco-tourism and edu-tourism products to a growing, increasingly captive domestic and international audience. With a focus on sustainable planning and growth, low impact operations, environmental conservation and personalised, experienced-based products, local tourism operators and attractions are beginning to secure the recognition they deserve.

Events form an integral part of the local tourism industry, which has a strong focus on regional visitor attraction. Local festivals showcase and celebrate the Shire’s rich culture, colourful heritage and liveability, with gourmet food, inspiring art, local entertainment and culture taking centre stage.

Hinchinbrook Shire Council has introduced a Business Innovation Scheme (hyperlink) that supports entrepreneurs and developers who are bringing new products or services to the district.


  1. Business Innovation Scheme – PDF File. Further updates can be found via Council’s website, Regional Project Opportunities page.
  2. SCONI – Australian Mines Limited – Sconi Project.
  3. Genex Power – Kidston Renewable Energy – www.genexpower.com.au
  4. Australia – Singapore Military Training Initiative
  5. Powerlink – https://www.powerlink.com.au/projects
  6. Hemp Trials – https://www.hinchinbrook.qld.gov.au/diversifying-our-district-industrial-hemp

Hinchinbrook Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism